FAQ - For Rent

1. Can I order furniture by phone?

  • Yes you can.  call us on 080 - 42296092  

2. What is included in your furniture collections?

  • All Residential Collection have the exact same number of items:
    Sofa / Chair
    Cocktail Table
    End Table / Lamp
    Queen Bed (Matt, Box, Frame, Headboard)
    Dresser / Mirror
    Nightstand / Lamp
    Our collection are considered “Starting Points” and you have the option of adding more furniture, electronics, housewares, appliances, and decorative items.

3. I don’t need to rent everything in your furniture packages. Can I remove items from the package?

  • Yes you can remove items but you must still meet our minimum monthly rental amount which varies on the length and size of your lease.

4. I just need to rent one item.  Can I place an order for just one item?

  • We are in the business of renting entire living areas of furniture and have designed our pricing to make that affordable to you. Although we can rent just one item, but it would not be cost effective for you since you would still have to meet our minimum monthly amount which is typically in the hundreds of dollars.

5. Is the furniture new?

  • Every piece of AFR furniture was at one time new. However we cannot guarantee new furniture to any customer since our inventory comes and goes so quickly.  We do guarantee showroom condition furniture with all collections above our Manager’s Select Collection.

6. Do you have a showroom where I can view the furniture?

  • In most AFR markets we have a distribution center with a small showroom that displays a sampling of our furniture so please call first before you drive out. However most of our customers simply use our website to select their rental furniture since it displays our furniture quite well and shows all pricing and terms. This “tool” is designed so you don’t have to come to a showroom.

7. Will you assemble the furniture when you deliver it?

  • All furniture is assembled, set up, and cleaned for you. You have nothing to do but enjoy!

8. What does the damage waiver fee cover? Is it refundable if the furniture is returned with no damage?

  • The damage waiver fee covers fire and water damage that can happen anytime. I can also happen in situations that are beyond your control. Sometimes a water heater from an upstairs neighbor can leak into your living space or fire or smoke from another apartment can damage your furniture as well. This is a fee – not a deposit and is not refundable. However if your home owner’s insurance has a clause that states it covers rental furniture then we would waive this fee with full documentation in our possession before your lease starts.

9. I live in a building with no elevator. Can you bring the furniture up the stairs?

  • Yes but we do need to know as much about the building as possible.  Older buildings can have very small walkways and entryways and some pieces of furniture may not fit through those spaces. The more information you can provide AFR on the front end will help eliminate these problems.

10. Do I have the option to purchase the furniture after renting it?

  • Unfortunately no. We are a rent-to-rent company and will be renting your furniture again after we pick it up from you and thoroughly clean and inspect it.

11. Can I make changes to my order after it is delivered?

  • Yes you can always add or exchange items to your lease after your initial delivery. However there will be an additional service charge (delivery fee) to come back out. Those amounts are market specific so you would need to speak to your local AFR representative to determine what that fee is.

12. Can I change my payment method during the lease term?

  • No, when you sign your lease agreement, you sign an irrevocable credit card authorization for future charges.  You can change your credit card, but you can’t change from credit card billing to invoicing.

13. How do I arrange to have my furniture picked up when I no longer need it?

  • Please call our office 30 days in advance

14. When will my security deposit be returned?

  • Your security deposit will be refunded to your credit card within 14 days after pick-up of furniture.  We require this time to make sure that all furniture is accounted for and free of damages.

15. Can I extend my lease if I need it for a longer term than I signed up for?

  • Yes, your lease will continue on a month or month agreement until we are notified by you for a pick up 30 days in advance.

16. I have questions about my bill or credit card charges. Who can assist me with that?

  • Please call our billing department at 080 - 42296092

17. What is the Luxury Living Series?

  • Our Luxury Living Series, also branded as LLS, is a high quality, luxury furniture line. Unlike the ordinary rental collection, you select your style by room- contemporary living room and dining room and a more casual bedroom – it is all about your preference. To find LLS options, shop in our Rent-a-la-Carte By Room section.