Care Instructions

  • Any spillage should be wiped away immediately with a dry cloth.
  • Position your furniture away from direct sunlight and heat, where practicable. This will protect the wood from fading, and help avoid any cracking and movement in the joints.
  • Wax-rub down is recommended for solid wood furnitures - Please note that solid wood has inherent qualities such as marginal differences in stain and varnish, unique grain patterns etc which are visible on a finished product and result in two otherwise identical items looking different. These are natural features of wood that provide character to each piece of wooden furniture and are accepted as per industry standards, small knots are also sometime visible on the surface which are filled by the furniture craftsmen during manufacture.
  • A cloth dampened in a mild cleaner can be used to wipe cleanly and avoid acidic, abrasive and corrosive cleaning products of all kinds which may damage your product.The products which are under buy-back guaranty must be srviced by our Quatrus proffessional only, which can however void guaranty.
  • Always use coaster or mats when you are using hot or very cold materials as they can cause damage.